The Center for Australian Studies オーストラリア研究所 since1967 Otemon Gakuin Univercity 追手門学院大学

The Center for Australian Studies (CAS)


Bottlebrush The Center for Australian Studies (CAS) of Otemon Gakuin University (OGU) opened in 1967, one year after the university was established. It was the first research institute in Japan dedicated to the study of Australia. As one of the few institutes in Japan specialized in Australia, it has since played an important role in “contributing to studies of Australia and its neighboring countries, and to the mutual understanding and cultural exchange between Japan and Australia.” Because of its contributions, the CAS was the only university institute to receive the Australia-Japan Foundation Award in 2006 from the Australia-Japan Foundation (AJF), a cultural organization of the Australian government.

Photo: Bottlebrush flowers widely distributed in Australian States (especially Western Australia).
The building seen in background is the “Central Building” of Otemon Gakuin Universtiy,
where the CAS is located on the 1st floor.