Student Exchange Programs

Student Exchange Programs bring broad-based benefits to students, enabling them to go beyond their borders and acquaint themselves with different cultures and global educational standards. Such activities are important part of overall development of global competencies that make students strongly aware of diversity of the world and help them adopt alternative, multi-faceted approaches to learning about cultural differences that still exist even in the face of the so-called globalization. International exchange programs have proven to be instrumental in providing the young generation with opportunities to gain international exposure and perspectives before stepping out into the real world.

At Otemon Gakuin University, course offerings for incoming exchange students are comprised of cultural studies as well as business-related course works associated with business and social practices unique to Japan. In addition to these academic subjects, OGU offers a wide range of Japanese language programs in small class settings, catering to a wide range of learners including absolute beginners, as we firmly believe the knowledge of local languages in the key to learning about other cultures first-hand. Both academic and language courses provide international students with opportunities to mingle with Japanese peers, with has turned out to be educationally beneficial for both parties.

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Academic Calendar

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