Support Program


Learning Partner

Language partners are a group of Japanese students who will help exchange students with your Japanese language learning. You can enjoy international exchange through one-on-one communication with your partner in partner sessions. By becoming friendly, you can spend time together during lunchtime and after classes. This will also be of great help to your Japanese proficiency and understanding of culture.

Living Support

In addition to a provision of a learning partner, you will also get support for daily life issues from peer students and staff members at the Center for International Studies at the university. They will help you sort out more complicated procedures at the campus and government offices. Furthermore, they will explain differences in culture and custom in a way that will help your smooth transition.


Otemon has a special facility dedicated to English learning, E-CO, where students can communicate in English and get support for their language studies. Its comfortable and friendly atmosphere makes it an ideal environment for both studying and relaxing. Students using this space are naturally interested in other cultures, so it’s a great place for exchange students to make Japanese friends. Regular cultural events and workshops are held to introduce students to aspects of overseas culture. Please introduce your own country’s customs and traditions here.