OIDAI offers incoming exchange students monthly stipends to cover part of their accommodation costs.

Housing Aid

This is paid to support exchange students for their housing expenses.

Qualifications /
Inbound exchange students who must pay their own house rent in Japan are eligible for this aid.
Monthly Stipend /

Payment Period

Spring semester April – July 4 months
Fall semester October – January 4 months
2 semesters Apr.-Jul. and Oct.-Jan. 8 months

Certified Japanese Language Proficiency Scholarship

This scholarship is paid additionally to inbound exchange students who have passed the prescribed examinations.

Payment period /
This scholarship will start the month after the conditions have been satisfied. The payment period is the same as the ‘Housing Aid’ payment period. Receiving N3, N2, and N1 scholarships simultaneously is prohibited.

Qualifications and Stipend

Name of Test Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT)
Level N3 N2 N1
Monthly stipend
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