Educational Principles

Our mission is to foster "Independence and Self-Reliance".

Otemon Gakuin is a comprehensive educational foundation which extends from nursery school through graduate school. We strive to instill in our students the following five specific traits.

  • A democratic sensibility with a firm identity and respect for others, demonstrated by moderate behavior, with the courage to counter any violence that threatens the order and peace in society.
  • A sharp and healthy sensitivity to aesthetic and ethical values, with a truly liberated spirit, strong will and a sense of responsibility.
  • A well-rounded mind, capable of complex thought and of contributing to the development of the humanities, the social, natural and other sciences.
  • A deep knowledge of Japanese history, culture and arts, with insights into Japanese language and the ability to use language to communicate effectively.
  • An international viewpoint, social conscience, and a practical ability to contribute to the prosperity of the human race.