Liberal Arts Courses

In the liberal arts courses, students can learn and teach each other across different faculties and grades, and cultivate the habits and attitudes that will enable them to use the knowledge they have acquired for their own growth.

1.Foundation Subjects

Students will acquire a variety of knowledge and skills, including Japanese literacy, foreign language communication skills, numerical processing skills, and information literacy, which are the basis for general education and basic professional studies, as well as the mindset to support them. Students will also learn how to apply what they have learned in practice.

2.Liberal Arts and Sciences Subjects

Students are exposed to a wide range of studies from 11 academic units, including the humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences, and gain an understanding of the relationship between people, society, and nature from an interdisciplinary perspective. By deepening their study of the diverse values of modern society, students will acquire academic skills that they can utilize in the future.

3.Career Development Subjects

We offer a variety of career formation subjects and career development subjects for independent and self-directed career development and design. Students will deepen their understanding of their own school and themselves, and learn about interdisciplinary issues in a hands-on and collaborative manner, leading to ideal career development and career choices. We aim to cultivate the "zest for life" that is needed in a wide range of society by expanding our learning opportunities from on-campus to off-campus and even overseas.