Overview of Graduate Schools

Graduate School of Business Administration and Economics

The Graduate School of Business Administration and Economics at Otemon Gakuin University aims to create new values by promoting the integration of academic intelligence with practical intelligence, thereby fostering new business ideas that can contribute to the public good by identifying changes in society and people's needs.

Education at graduate schools must answer the demands and the changes in society. Management of businesses is not possible without understanding the rapid changes in society and the economic trends. Also, one must consider the trends in society and the reaction in industry when drafting effective economic policies. When we take these present circumstances into consideration it is difficult to send out talent useful to society with conventional graduate school education where each respective graduate course faces issues separately.For that reason, it is necessary to maintain an educational and research environment that combines and make use of the strength in the two areas of business administration and economics.
Our Graduate School of Business Administration and Economics synchronizes money [finance], material [products], and people [labor] with emotion and information. We will seriously consider today's era and answer its demands. Namely, we are now able to handle questions or issues that cut across both fields of business administration and economics whether the aspect be high level research or occupational education of a higher order.

When you complete your master's you will be able to become a business person who can see things from a managerial and an economic viewpoint. The specialization of studies at our graduate school will lead you to stepping up in your career.

Graduate School in Psychology Graduate Course of Psychology [Master of Psychology]

The Graduate School of Psychology possesses a broad range of fields and ample facilities to pursue research and practical work. There are three programs in Clinical Psychology, Life-Span Developmental and Life-Span Learning Psychology, and Social, Environmental, and Criminal Psychology. In either program, a high quality and high level of specialty education will be provided that can be applied in the real world. The professors are friendly and will support an ample learning process as academic advisors. Curriculums have been designed so that students can seek to obtain certification as clinical psychologists, clinical developmental psychologists, school psychologists.

Graduate School of Contemporary Culture and Society

What makes our graduate school special is the possibility of taking classes in other disciplines in addition to in-depth study in your own specialist field. Enrolling in the Course of Contemporary Sociology includes the option to study subjects such as Japanese subcultures and regional development, providing opportunities for international students to reach a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. The required subjects include introduction to contemporary sociology and seminar on methodologies in social research,, which are designed to give even students who have never encountered sociology before a smooth introduction to research. Otemon Gakuin University has a track record of accepting international students since soon after its establishment, and offers a full support system.